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17.06. - 21.06.2024
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In this travel blog we are going to write about our trip to Salzburg. We were really looking forward to it.
On the first day we took a guided tour in the biggest ice cave in the world. In the ice cave we saw some ice sculptures. It was worth a visit.
(Florian Fellinger, Lukas Mandl)
On Tuesday we went up the Fortress Hohensalzburg. We also took a tour. Then we went into the Oldtown of Salzburg. There we had to do a rally through the city. After our lunch break, we visited Haus der Natur. Some of us started to record some videos for our theatre.
(Anika Wolf, Anna Plank)
On the third day we went to Kaprun where we saw two water reservoirs – Mooserboden and Wasserfallboden. After that we went to the ski jump Bischofshofen. There we had to walk up a lot of stairs, but it was worth it, because we had a wonderful view.
(Moritz Spitzer, Stefan Weghofer)
On Thursday we went to Hangar 7. We took a tour there. We learned about the history of the Hangar and some facts about the aircrafts stationed there. Afterwards we were allowed to look around on our own.
We also went to the Red Bull Arena where we had a guided tour. We saw many interesting places in the stadium. Before the tour we went to the fanshop.
(Lukas Pfister, Bastian Plank)
On Friday, which was also our last day of the trip, we went to Mauthausen. It was interesting for all of us. When we went into the gas chamber, it was a strange feeling. We also got to know more interesting facts about the NAZI history.
All in all, it was a great trip for everyone. We got to see loads of different sights, in which we are interested in and there was truly something for everyone. Sadly, it was our last trip together - but the trip with the most memories.
(Elisa Gremsl)

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